Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument

Visited with Veronica - 2005


View of the flint quarry                 

Views of the Flint Quarry


Flint pit                 

                     A Flint Pit                                                                         A Flint Rock where they chipped off the flint


Cowgirl                  Flint Chips

         Veronica being a cowgirl                        Flint chips just scattered about (No I didn't take any)



Chamizal National Memorial

Visited with Veronica - 2004



No Pictures (Sorry)



Lake Meredith National Recreation Area

Visited with Veronica - 2004


Lake Merideth

Pictures listed with Alibates Flint Quarry above.

Part of the same park.



Lyndon B Johnson National Historical Park

Visited with Veronica - 2005



No Pictures (Sorry)



San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

Visited with Veronica - 2005


Mission San Juan                  Mission Espada

Mission San Juan                                                                                           Mission Espada 



Mission San Jose                 

       Mission San Jose arch ways                                                                    Grist mill with a worker working  



Mission San Jose                  Mission Concepcion

Mission San Jose                                                                                  Mission Concepcion