Utah Geological Destinations



National Parks of Utah




Arches National Park

Visted with Veronica, Annabelle, and my sister - 2011


Arches National Park          Arches National Park

                                The main entrance.                                                  View across park of the park that is close to the main drive in.



Arches National Park          Arches National Park

       Some balancing rocks.                                                                                        More balancing rocks.



Arches National Park

 Myself, my wife, and daughter in front of some rocks.



Arches National Park          Arches National Park

       View of me in front of a double arch.                                                              Another of the arches in the park.



Arches National Park

Directly in the middle of the photograph was one of the premier arches in the park but it was too much of a hike to get there so we took photos from across the little canyon.



Bryce Canyon National Park

Visited with Veronica and In-laws - 2009


Bryce Canyon

Panoramic view of southern Bryce Canyon


The following pictures were taken during a hike my wife and I did that was supposed to be one of the most beautiful in the US. I certainly enjoyed it thoroughly.


Before the descent              Entering Bryce Canyon

                  Me before the descent                                                             Looking ahead at what we are about to tackle.



Entering Bryce              View across the landscape

            As we enter                                                                             Looking across the landscape



Walking up the Canyons             Hoodoos

My lovely wife walking up one of the canyons                                                  Looking up at a hoodoo            



Creek in Bryce              View over Bryce

View from near the creek at the bottom of the canyon                                      Looking over what we just hiked               



Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Visited with Veronica - 2009


Glen Canyon NRA

Driving into the main canyon from the south.



Glen Canyon NRA

Canoeing around the lake we found this little island to let the dogs run around on.



Glen Canyon NRA              Glen Canyon NRA

Another piece of the island.                                                                      View from our canoe.



Glen Canyon NRA              Glen Canyon NRA

We stopped to climb among the rocks with the dogs.                                            View from our lunch stop.              



Glen Canyon NRA             

Views from the canoe.                                                                              Our Campsite.



Glen Canyon NRA

View of the lake from our campsite.



Golden Spike National Historic Site

Visited with Veronica - 2008


Golden Spike Sign              RR Crossing

             Sign at the Entrance                                                                   RR crossing sign with train in distance



On the Jupiter              Stop the Trains!

Me on the platforms next to Jupiter                                           Veronica stopping the trains from colliding



Jupiter              Last rail laid on Transcontinental Railroad

            Veronica and I in front of Jupiter                                      The last rail laid for the Transcontinental Railroad



Timpanogos Cave National Monument

Visited with Veronica - 2008


Carved out Tunnel              Trail edge

Veronica in front of one of the carved out tunnels                                               Me on the trail edge                    



Trail edge              Salt Valley

              Veronica on the trail edge                                                    Looking out into the Salt Lake valley



In the caves              Wedged in the passageways

           In the caves looking down                                              Me wedged into one of the passageways



Don't stop on the redline              Stopping on the redline

Don't stop on the red line, so what does she do.....?                                             She stops to take a picture                     



Fault              Flowstone

A fault running right past one of the walkway cutouts                                                 Flowstone within the cave             


Zion National Park

Visited with Veronica and my Mother-in-law and Father-in-law - 2009


Zion National Park          Zion National Park

 One of the main examples of cross bedding while driving in from the                                          A nice overhanging waterfall.                            

Eastern entrance.                                                                                                         



Zion National Park          Zion National Park

View down the valley.                                                                                   View up the valley.



Zion National Park

Picture of across the valley.



Zion National Park          Zion National Park

         My wife in the stream at the end of the main valley.                                    Me standing in the stream near the end of the main valley.



Zion National Park

Some more pretty cross bedding with some nice erosion.



Zion National Park          Zion National Park

                        Me on some more cross beds.                                            Me trying to be a photographer by taking some "fancy" shots of

                                                                                                           cross bedding.