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-Stage 4.3-


The Darwin Awards

Geology Strikes Back


“The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who accidentally remove themselves from it...”


People kill themselves everyday in all sorts of stupid ways. This page just highlights some of the stupid ways that are relevant to geology. Many of these have been found by my students so they will be mentioned as needed.


Hurricane, Carry Me Away Home


Darwin Awards - Hurricane



Hurricanes strike back this time as 20 people defy evacuation warnings to have a "Hurricane Party" only to be carried off by winds and ocean waves.


Article courtesy of Seong Jun Lee

"If you go in the water, you WILL die"


Darwin Awards - Water


Algae covered rocks, a swift moving current, a giant waterfall, and a sign that states "If you go in the water, you will die" do not deter this hiker from cooling his feet off in the river. Needless to say, the river won.


Article courtesy of John Fullmer

Man Digs Himself Own Grave in Search for Treasure


Darwin Awards - Treasure



Geology strikes back against this person as he continually digs for "treasure" even though the ground became wetter and wetter as he dug through the water table.


Article courtesy of Chase Sundquist and Ry Sanders

Man Finds the Quick Way off a Glacier


Darwin Awards - Glacier


A man learns his lesson as geology teaches him that sliding down a glacier is not the quickest way to get down. Or as my student put it "look before you jump".


Article courtesy of Heather Judd and Seth Fredrick

Escape Via 55-ft Shear Wet Granite Rock Face


Darwin Awards - Slipface


Geology strikes back against these thieves because as they were making their get-a-way they decided to choose a dangerous steep slope that was made of granite, where it had rained the night before, and it is a common fact that rocks are slippery when wet.


 Article courtesy of  Robert Mrdutt

Let's Race Across a Mountain in a Snowmobile


Darwin Awards - Avalanche




This Darwin Award is geological because because the slope gradient, snowpack, and weather combined to create a natural disaster. Avalanches are geological events, even when aided by stupid people.


Article courtesy of  Krista Mugavero

Gypsum Kills Potential Thief


Darwin Awards - Gypsum Kills


This is a story of the Earth taking revenge on the immoral. This guy was killed slowly and painfully by a giant selenite crystal in Chihuahua, Mexico when he tried to steal it.


Article courtesy of  Rob Armstrong

Man injured by tsunami, sort of


Darwin Awards - Tsunami


The geologically relevant thing here is that it is based on the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. A man jumped out of a window trying to evacuate from it and broke several bones. Unfortunately, he was in Serbia at the time.


Article courtesy of Nicole Reid