West Virginia


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West Virginia State Geological Symbols
Year Established
State Rock
Bituminous Coal
State Gem
Fossil Coral
State Fossil
Megalonyx jeffersonii


State Rock:


State Gem: Fossil Coral


State Fossil: Megalonyx jeffersonii




Geology of West Virginia's National Parks

Through Pictures

(at least the one's I have been to)


Bluestone National Scenic River

Visited in 2001


Bluestone NSR Deer

Some deer on the side of the road

Gauley River National Recreation Area

Visited in 2003


View up the Gauley River             Gauley River Dam

           View up the Gauley River                                                                  The dam at the head of the park

New River Gorge National River

Visited with in 2001


Hiking             New River side waterfall

Veronica walking across a stream                                                            Me standing under a waterfall



The New River            View of the New River

           The New River                                                               View up the New River                  


Misty Morning             New River side waterfall

 Dawn across the valley                                                                        Another waterfall