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Star Wars Timeline Network

One of my favorite things to do is read Star Wars. I know this is an obsession but the reason I enjoy it is because I like to follow a story from beginning to end and beyond. That is also why I like stories like The Lord of the Rings.


This page is meant to be a resource for the EU collector. Eventually I plan on having a compilation of every available EU source, but for now it is in the process of being built up. The main timeline checklist is for anyone interested in compiling a complete list of all Star Wars stories available. The other checklists are for collecting stories in specific formats, be they either comics, novels, video games, etc. Any questions on where I obtained a book, comic, online story, or anything else feel free to ask. My current list of checklists include:



Novels Checklist

Digital Stories Checklist

Video Games Checklist

Comics Checklist

Trade Paperback Checklist

Comic Packs


Please email me ( with any comments or suggestions.



The Star Wars Timeline Checklist

Version 7.1


(Last update 8-7-13)

Star Wars Timeline



The Star Wars Novels Checklist

Version 1.0


(Last update 12-1-12)


Star Wars Novels



The Star Wars Digital Stories Checklist

Version 5.0


(Last update 1-1-13)


Star Wars Digital



The Star Wars Video Game Checklist

Version 6.0


(Last update 5-1-13)


Star Wars Video Games





The Star Wars Comic Book Checklist

Version 5.0


(Last update 8-6-13)








The Star Wars Trade Paperback Checklist

Version 3.1


(Last update 8-5-13)









The Star Wars Comic Packs Checklist

Version 2.0


(Last update 2-1-13)