Folds                                Faults



-Stage 2.2-



There are 3 main types of faults:

Normal Faults

Reverse Faults

Strike-Slip Faults


Normal Faults


Normal Fault

Main parts of a fault first:



Reverse Faults


Reverse Fault








Strike-Slip Faults


There are 2 types of strike-slip faults depending on the direction of movement


Strike-Slip Fault - This is when two blocks slide past one another.

The San Andreas Fault is a strike-slip fault


Right Lateral

Right Lateral Strike Slip Fault






Right Lateral - Say you were standing on the X, a right lateral is when the opposite block moves right compared to where you were standing





Left Lateral

Left Lateral Strike Slip Fault





Left Lateral - It is the opposite of a right lateral strike slip fault. When you are standing on the X, the opposite block moves to the left