-Stage 4-



(AKA Geological Fun)


The main purpose of DinoJim.com was to educate and entertain people about geology. The GeoFun Section is about entertainment (with a little education when I can get it in).





This lists some of the itneresting geology facts, some of them are often misinterpreted in main stream society.




Geology videos from across the internet.




Geology Strikes Back in these tales of often lethal stupidity




Over the almost 50 years Jeopardy! has been on the air it has had numerous geology based questions. Here is a collection of some of them.




After all of the geology articles I have been reading, I sometimes come across a quote that is either laugh out loud funny or so ridiculous that I have to pass it on.




DINOSAURS! From Cultural to Pop Culture. Illustrating how the perception of dinosaurs has changed through time.




This area includes pictures and some info for my National Park and Geological Destination travels.