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        Being a geologist and having studied geology for over a decade, as well as biology, math, art and some other stuff I have begun to appreciate the difficulty that students have in understanding some subjects. It also doesn't help that even though I find it fascinating I understand that some people might not find the interest that I see in the subject. This is why I have designed this portion of my website to be devoted to you, the freelance geologist hoping for a little more info, you the geology student who does not quite understand the difference between an arkose sandstone and a quartz arenite. And to definitely help those who don't find this interesting to at least peak their curiosity a bit.


- Geological Directory -


- Stage 1 -



Part of the main "Learning Site". Here we

learn about rocks and minerals.


- Stage 2 -



Part of the main "Learning Site". Here we learn about

different types of geological structures.


- Stage 3 -



Part of the main "Learning Site". Here we learn

about different types of maps.


 - Stage 4 -



The "Fun" section of the website. This section is less "straight forward

learning" and more "how can I have fun with this."


- Stage 5 -



Using different types of media to expand the world's view

of Geology and improve geological education


- Stage 6 -



The home to my class WebPages, teaching statement,

and anything else involving my teaching career.



Extra Credit

Where ever you see the above symbol, click on it for

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