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DINOSAURS! From Cultural to Pop Culture


I have been fascinated lately with how dinosaurs have affected and been affected by their appearances in the daily lives of people from "Prehistoric Times" through the modern day. This section of the website will illustrate the variety of things that were birthed from dinosaurs (culturally speaking) and how our perception of them has changed through time. This is a work in progress and will likely grow in size as I find more information and not necessarily in chronological order. It is also related to a talk I had developed illustrating a large portion of this information. I have divided this topic into three main time periods: "Prehistoric Times", "Medieval Times", and "Modern Times". Click below on the timeline below for an individual section where you want to learn more.


Dinos! From Cultural to Pop Culture Timeline Prehistoric Times Medieval Times Modern Times


Prehistoric Times

This is before the dragons time when the Greek and Roman ancient religions (what we call mythology) was the primary source of knowledge.


Medieval Times

This is the time when dragons ruled and most of the interpretations of these large beasts focused on the imagination.


Modern Times

I place the "Modern Times" around the time of the proper naming of the word "Dinosaur" as well as the beginning of the formal study of paleontology.